Riverlife Bern is a unique church in the center of Bern city Switzerland.  Attended by people from over 30 nations, we worship together in English, in the love of Jesus Christ, our savior.  We are a dynamic group of people from all ages, with a strong Sunday school and youth group.  Our Sunday worship sees various musical teams leading, often each member from a different country.  We have up to 100 attendees on a Sunday afternoon, with often over 140 attending our legendary “pot Luck” dinners with their international dishes.


We are focused on a simple bible core, and through friendship, prayer and our pastoral teams really reach out to our people in need.  As our congregation comes from all over the globe, we have a strong focus on missionary ministry, and often people pass through our church on their way to spread the word.  This flow of people means the church is always changing, as seasons of people join and move on into the world.


Any visitor to Riverlife would notice the bright, loud, slightly chaotic group of people who love to fill the hall with song during the service, and hang around for coffee and snacks afterwards.  We are all different in origin but we serve the same God.  Above all else, we strive to follow God’s will for our church, with transparent and accountable leadership heading a truly special group of believers (and some not-yet believers!)