ECHO Retreat (19-21 May)


The price for each kid for the whole weekend is 40.- CHF. 


You can give the Money in Cash to Michelle directly on the Weekend


You can send it to her Bank Account:


Name: Friedli Michelle Valerie 

Account Nr: 31-92573-3

IBAN: CH57 0900 0000 3109 2573 3

With the notice:  ECHO Weekend Name of your child 



Your child should give Michelle a piece of paper with your phone number where we could reach you in case of emergency. On there should also be any allergies your child has or if they must take any medicine. 

They should carry their Insurance card with them and some sort of identity card. 


Getting there: 

If you will drive your child to the place of the weekend itself, please talk with Michelle. It would be great if you could take other children with your car if possible. 

The Information on how to get there is included. 


If your child comes by train, they have to meet at the “meeting point” at the train station in Berne and have to carry 30.- CHF in cash with them to buy the tickets. 



We the ECHO staff are all very exited to spend time with your kids!!!



Michelle, Claire, Jonathan, Mariana & Micael


Packing list:

Everyone brings 1 snack for everyone, it can be sweet (cake, cookies, gummies, fruit salad…) or savoury (chips, cheese bread, etc…) get creative


Personal items:

o   Sleeping bag or Duvet, Pillowcase (Pillow is provided for)

o   Bath towels

o   Personal toiletry items

o   Bible

o   Notebook/ paper

o   3-4 pencils/ pens or more if you want

o   Pocket money



o   1 Pyjama

o   1 pair sweat pants or other clothes that you feel comfortable in

o   1-2 Sweaters at least 1 warm one

o   2-3 T-shirts

o   1 pair long pants

o   1 pair Shorts

o   3-4 pairs Underwear

o   3-4 pairs of Socks

o   Sports clothes (for games outside)

o   Coat/ sweater/ rain jacket for outdoors

o   House shoes (shoes or slippers you don’t wear outdoors)

o   Sports shoes

Additional things to bring:

o   Musical instrument

o   Indoor games (board games, deck of cards, hand- held games …)

o   Sport gear (basket balls, football/ soccer balls, etc…)

o   Hat/ sunglasses/ sunscreen

o   Hiking shoes

o   Torchlight/ flashlight

o   Swimsuit

o   Small snacks for yourself