Michael, Haruhi, & Ayuki Widmer - Japan

Michael is Swiss, and Haruhi is from Japan. We've been married for 23 years & have a daughter, Ayuki. 


Before joining OMF International in 2005 and being sent out by RiverLife and the EGW Brunnmatt to serve in Japan, we both studied at the London School of Theology and continued postgraduate studies in Durham.


We firmly believe in the importance of a Christ-centered, robust and contextual biblical education.


Our ministry focus is threefold: 1) theological education (lecturing at the Hokkaido Bible Institute) 2) missionary training 3) church ministry.


Hokkaido Bible Institute (HBI): It is important to us that evangelization is understood in its fullness. We believe that a robust theological education is the foundation for healthy, independent, and missional churches. Since the foundation of HBI ~160 students have graduated. Almost all of them serve as leaders in the evangelical church in Japan or overseas. Michael has been teaching several OT courses and Haruhi Theological English.


Missionary Training: OMF Japan is committed to train culturally and contextually aware Gospel workers. We are both involved in the training of new missionaries. Haruhi serves currently as the field’s Language Advisor.


Chuo Evangelical Church: After the Lighthouse Church was handed over to Japanese leadership, we moved to a small city church (planted in 2000) where help out with occasional preaching and run a periodic outreach program for middle and high-school-students.

Newsletter November - December 2021
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Jesus Prayer For His Disciples
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Newsletter July - October 2021
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