Sungti & Nadia Jamir- India

The Hospital Proect

Sungti & Nadia are planning to build a medical center in Nagaland, India including gynecological, obstetrical, surgical, and general medicine services. The hospital will contain two operation rooms, two delivery rooms, a gynecological and obstetrics ward with 15-20 beds, an outpatient department with four examination rooms, AND laboratory & radiology departments. 

Anava Foundation

the anava foundation was created by Sungti and Nadia. 

Why Anava? What does it mean? 

the Hebrew name 'anava' means gentleness, modesty, and humility.  At the same time, it means 'nearby' in the local language Chungli.  So with such great meanings in two different languages combined, we decided our name to be Anava! 

More information

Anava december 2020 Newsletter[13673].pd
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