Margi's Mun(ts)ch - Patience in Trusting

Hello from New Zealand!


We are here for the marriage of Johnny (violinist) and Sophie (cellist) on April 29th. We met them in RiverLife, and we are privileged to be conducting their wedding.


We have stayed the last few days with Ira and Jean Meier, who led last years' Church Weekend Away. Today they took us on an amazing walk to the Tarawera waterfalls, and then we hiked along the river. And there I found the subject of today's Muntsch.


It's about being patient and trusting God for His timing when 'nothing seems to be happening' and we would like to jump in and hurry up the process.


We walked past a lovely calm pool which was very inviting for a swim. But there were warning signs forbidding swimming. We did not know that some meters further downstream there were ferocious rapids and jumping in would be dangerous- life threatening.


It made me realise that God knows; He is interested in every detail of our lives and He invites us to trust Him. So if you are in a time if waiting, ask for patience and thank God for His perfect timing!


// Margi Steiner

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    It's tied in with being understanding and putting stock in God for His planning when 'nothing is by all accounts occurrence' and we might want to bounce in and rush up the procedure.

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    We strolled past a flawless quiet pool which was extremely welcoming for a swim. Yet, there were cautioning signs denying swimming. We didn't realize that a few meters promote downstream there were brutal rapids and bouncing in would be risky dangerous.

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    It influenced me to understand that God knows; He is occupied with everything about our lives and He welcomes us to believe Him. So in the event that you are in a period if holding up, request tolerance and express gratitude toward God for His ideal planning!

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